Road sweeping

Street Safety

Norveg have been helping keep our streets and towns clean and safe in the Cairns area since 2015.

Our Street Sweepers are incredibly effective at collecting all kinds of waste and contaminants before they wash into our drains and waterways or blow into our parks and green spaces.

The most obvious consequence of failing to sweep streets is that they become covered in dirt, leaves, and other materials. This can make walking or driving down a street unpleasant, and it can even lead to health problems. When organic materials sit on the street, they can be broken down by bacteria and fungi, creating dust and other airborne particles that can be inhaled, leading to respiratory illnesses.

Street sweeping is an important part of keeping our streets and footpaths clean and free of debris and our waterways clean.

When water runs off streets and into storm drains, it picks up pollutants like oil, grease, and sediment. If these pollutants reach our waterways, they can have a devastating effect on the environment.

In addition to protecting public health and our environment, street sweeping helps to reduce noise pollution. Not only does it reduce traffic noise, but it also helps to prevent small stones from bouncing off the pavement, which can be damaging to passing traffic and a danger to pedestrians.

We stand as your local experts in street sweeping, offering a commitment to quality service, environmental stewardship, and a deep connection to the community we serve.

With a passion for a cleaner and safer environment, we specialise in removing construction debris, rubbish, leaves, and other unwanted materials from road surfaces, contributing to improved hygiene, reduced pollution, and enhanced overall community appeal.